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ITT students join the Green School Bali for a renewable energy project

REM students contributed to the Green School Bali’s project Operation Rain or Shine from September 24- October 07, 2017 – a project of Zayed Future Energy Price

The Green School Bali is located in one of the emerging and fast growing economies of Asia: Indonesia. The country faces huge challenges how to solve energy and power outages. Hence, sustainable decentralized energy solutions can be seen as one upcoming key element to tackle unreliable grids in order to meet the supply and demand of electricity.

The Green School Bali is situated in an environment with a high potential of renewable energy sources such as solar, water and biomass. The School aims at increasing its level of the off-grid system share with the main target to build a visible renewable energy solution that meets the sustainability vision of the school´s values. Educating for sustainability, through community-integrated, entrepreneurial learning, in a wall-less, natural environment, the Green School Bali follows a holistic, student-guided approach which inspires children at a young age to be green leaders.

In order to create an integrated hybrid renewable energy micro grid, five REM students from ITT joined the Green School Bali and worked within the Operation Rain or Shine project. Almost 24% of the Green School´s electricity consumption is supplied by an existing 21 kWp PV power plant and a 72 kWh battery bank. The School´s target is to increase its self-sufficiency level by 40% by end of 2017. REM students worked on 5 objectives during the field trip: 1) analysis of the PV efficiency of the existing PV farm for the output optimization, 2) development of an energy monitoring system, 3) assessment of the renewable energy resources around the School in order to estimate the optimal energy mix, 4) planning and designing further PV generation systems for the School, and 5) conducting a PV workshop for the Green School Bali students. The long term goal of the School is the implementation of a smart grid that includes a student´s village, a bamboo factory and a farm. The field research trip is part of Project 2 and 3 module of the master program. 

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