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Information and communication networks serve as a basis for efficient collaborations. We therefore focus on broadening connections among our graduates as well as on maintaining close links to them.The alumni activities at the ITT strengthen the existing graduate network through intensive exchange of alumni experiences in the labor market, project cooperation in alumni home countries, alumni summer schools, and lectures at the ITT. We provide a basis for an active information and communication forum to discuss questions concerning international development cooperations. The ITT focuses not only on the extension of the relationships to the graduates, but also to former employees. The ITT has a large number of active alumni involved in ITT’s activities. They serve as important multiplicators for the institute and its goals. Here, you get more information about ITT’S Alumni network.  

Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) Alumni IWRM”Studying IWRM in Amman and Cologne was a great way to get a deep insight into the field of water management, into the Levant area and into the “development” world.”   Anselm, IWRM Alumnus 2009  



Technology and Resources Management in the Tropics and Subtropics (TERMA) ”The TERMA Programme opened my eyes for internationally relevant issues of today’s globalized world and it opened my heart to the magnificence of cultural diversity. It was not only about learning for a Master’s degree but also about learning for life.” Melina, TERMA Alumna 2011  



Technology and Resources Management in the Tropics and Subtropics-Vietnam (TERMA-VN) Alumna TERMA VN Maya”TERMA-Vietnam offers us Southeast Asian students the multidisciplinary tools and intercultural skills to look at the problems of global change and water from the joint perspective of Europe and Asia. It’s our springboard for a truly international career in the water sector.” Maya,TERMA-VN Intake



2010   Environment and Resources Management (ENREM) Alumnus ENREM”The International Master Program gave us the chance to meet people from different cultures. On top of that, after getting your TWO master degrees you will be for sure able to work in any country in the world.” Nyzar, ENREM-Alumnus 2010



The international ITT Alumni network


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