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Alumni Innovation Hub 2020

Green Innovation
in the Middle East and Northern Africa:
Idea to Application

28.09.2020 – 19.12.2020 (online seminar)


The Alumni Innovation Hub 2020, hosted by ITT, GJU and CEWAS as a 10-week online, free seminar to develop solution ideas for specific problems, needs and challenges. This seminar is designed for alumni interested in the innovation process and developing their own innovative business and project ideas. During the program, we provide an online fun and interactive environment set up as working groups with the opportunity to meet the relevant actors and leading experts.

  •  Are you a graduate of ITT or GJU Master Programs (graduated 2009 and after) and interested in innovative approaches to actual problems?
  • Are you interested in innovation process and developing own innovative business and project ideas?
  • Do you search for new innovative ideas in the areas of Water, Energy, Natural Resources Management and Development?
  • Does your professional work and interest focus on the Middle East and Northern Africa?

The seminar offers:

  • Symposium with thematic focus in the fields of Energy, Water, Natural Resources  
  • A “marketplace” to meet up with the field practitioners
  • Special guest lectures
  • Group-work and collaboration between participants
  • Intensive coaching and mentoring of your innovative ideas from experienced experts


As a participant you will go through:

  • Ideation: overall innovation and ideation process and tools
  • Gain outside perspective on the problems, challenges, needs and opportunities for innovation 
  • Extend your scientific and professional network in the Middle East and North Africa
  • Shape and own your solution for a specific problem, challenge or need
  • Testing and get ready for implementation


Benefits for Participants:

This offer is ideal for graduates who are interested in the innovation process and developing their own innovative business and project ideas in the fields of Energy, Water and Natural Resources Management with focus on the Middle East and North Africa

The online seminar is designed in four main phases:

1. Ideation: Overall Innovation & Ideation Process and Tools

  • Understand the entire innovation process, personal qualities and ambitions as well as methods and tools for idea generation. Get to know yourself and what is creativity

2. Concept Development – Part 1: Exploration of the challenge and need for Innovation

  • Understand what they should focus on and how to explore/discover challenges and problems
  • Deepen the thematic expertise relevant to the interests of the participants and in areas relevant to Energy, Water and Natural resources
  • Explore state of arts, trend topics, ongoing activities, needs and capacities
  • Understand market needs and potential cooperation possibilities
  • Networking with practitioners

3. Concept Development – Part 2: Definition of Proposed Solution Ideas for Specific Problem/Challenge/Need

  • Understand methods and tools for rapid idea and solution brainstorming, pre-evaluation and prioritization
  • Define the proposed solution ideas for specific problems/ needs and challenges

4. Rapid testing and validation of key solution ideas

  • Understand methods and strategies to assess and test an idea
  • Understand the strengths, weaknesses, potentials and threats regarding your idea; refined idea
  • Matchmaking for further solution development


What you get through this journey depends on you! Participation Modes:

  • Easy: Join the online sessions and get a taste of mastering your own ideas
  • Moderate: Join the online sessions and at least 2 hours of weekly assignment – initiating the innovation process for your future idea solution
  • Master: Join the online sessions and up to 5 hours of weekly assignment and use of individual coaching to develop a fine-tuned, innovative idea ready to implement


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