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ITT research article receives recognition

A research article by Muhammad Khalifa, a researcher at the ITT, and his co-authors has been recently recognized as one of the most innovative research with exciting science among recent articles published in the Hydrological Sciences Journal. The article is longlisted as a potential candidate to receive the Tison award provided by the International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS), and it made open-to-access until 31st December 2020. It can be accessed through this link:

In this research, titled, “Exploring socio-hydrological determinants of crop yield in under-performing irrigation schemes: pathways for sustainable intensification”, remote sensing, field survey, and statistical modelling were integrated to discover entry points for sustainable intensification of agriculture in one of the largest irrigation schemes in the world, the Gezira Scheme, central Sudan.

The study was developed within the research group of “Integrated Land and Water Resources Management”, led by Prof. Lars Ribbe. This research group is conducting cutting-edge research using novel methods and advanced technologies to understand the dynamics of land and water resources and to investigate proper management strategies, including sustainable intensification as a paradigm shift that aims at securing enough food while preserving the natural resource base. This research is part of the Ph.D. research of Muhammad Khalifa, which will be defended by the end of May 2020. Other co-authors on the article are Prof. Lars Ribbe (ITT), Prof. Karl Schneider (University of Cologne), Dr. Nadir Ahmed Elagib (Former ITT professor), Dr. Bashir Mohamed Ahmed (Agricultural Research Corporation, Sudan). In case you are interested in more information, contact Muhammad Khalifa through e-mail: Muhammad.khalifa[at]

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