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ITT student awarded with the DAAD-Preis 2018

Our NRM Master student Flavia Mara was awarded with the DAAD-Preis 2018 for her outstanding academic achievements and her social commitment. On 6 December 2018, Sylvia Heuchemer (Vice President for Academic Affairs, TH Köln) and Sabine Schlüter (Vice Director ITT) presented the prize, worth 1,000 euros, to Flavia during the Advent celebrations for the international students of the TH Köln.

Flavia Mara (middle), with her Family, Sabine Schlüter and Sylvia Heuchemer.
Photo: Heike Fischer – TH Köln

“Flavia Mara is very successful and above average in her studies. In the interdisciplinary project work, she has shown herself to be highly motivated, reliable and an extremely team-able student” was the reasoning of the DAAD jury.

Besides studying Natural Resources Management and Development (NRM) in her third semester, Flavia is involved in the ITT Student Council and  organizes language courses for other students who want to go abroad.

“Flavia Mara is a very focussed, dedicated student who is known for her energetic, positive nature and her great commitment” says Johannes Hamhaber, who has been accompanying Flavia since her first Master’s semester. During a three-month internship for Welthungerhilfe, supervised by Sabine Schlüter, she has worked in Myanmar with ideas for innovative businessmodels to support the local population. She evaluated, for example, alternatives to rice cultivation, which could be new sources of income for the natives, such as basket weaving, sewing or small cattle breeding. In addition, Flavia Mara spent a year volunteering in Georgia as part of the European Voluntary Service for Peace and Development, where she organized language courses and workshops for a local youth NGO.

Flavia Mara receiving the Award Certificate.
Photo: Heike Fischer – TH Köln

“It has always been natural for me to engage with others and take responsibility,” says Flavia Mara. Therefore, it was also normal for her to work with students with disabilities, to help foreign students and to work for Amnesty International during her bachelor’s degree in Italy,

After that, Flavia came to Germany because of her close friendship with a German school friend fromBerlin. “I really wanted to come back to Germany and study here. I really like the language, the people and the country, “says Flavia Mara. Although her career goal is not yet concrete, she would like to provide targeted on-site support. “I think thats more effective than working in a large institution, because I can move and change things much faster and more directly,” she explains.

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