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New Space: ITTconnect

ITTconnect  – internal Login

Dear ITT Members,
this is an important information to all ITT Members – Students, Professors, PhDs and Staff: 
Join the new Space „ITTconnect“
„ITTconnect” is the virtual space of the ITT to keep ITT students and staff connected. 
Receive important updates, connect and share with your fellow students and staff and give feedback about your eLearning experience.
Times are different these days and we have to react flexibly to a fast changing environment. But we all know this is our specialty here at the ITT. 
One can only admire how everybody of you is making the best out of this situation. As you already see eLearning options were created and it is offering multiple chances to stay connected, so we are able to continue teaching.
We at the ITT have to deal with questions on how to travel and crossing borders. Also facing governmental systems not working properly these days. So there are a lot of individual experiences made already that our community can benefit from. We believe connecting ITT online can help to strengthen the flow of information. 
Simply login with your CampusID and join the space. Make sure email notifications are turned on.

Looking forward connecting to you!

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