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News der Freunde und Förderer des ITT e.V. – now “Friends of the ITT” e.V.

In May Chairmann Prof. h.c. Dr. Hartmut Gaese relinquished his lead of the association. Since the founding in 1998 he held the Board. The association is very grateful for many years of leadership and furthermore promoting sustainable development of the association. Through his engagement student life at ITT has become more colorful, many students have received fundings and awards for special achievements were established. The members of the association are primarily alumni of the ITT, who appreciate him as an open and cordial person. He opened doors and promoted the ITT family. Dr. Udo Nehren, as the new chairman of the association, takes over this position with great respect for the achievements of Prof. Gaese and has set himself the goal of continuing the association as a contribution to the ITT community.

The association will, in order to respond the internationality, now carry the English name “Friends of the ITT e.V.”. As a sign of cohesion and specificity of the institute.

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