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Successful Ph.D. defense by Muhammad Khalifa


On 29th May, Muhammad Khalifa has successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation at the University of Cologne.
His cumulative dissertation, entitled “Multi-scale spatial analysis of the water-food-climate nexus in the Nile basin using Earth observation data”, consists of five publications. Muhammad has received a scholarship from the CNRD and conducted his Ph.D. research in a collaboration between the University of Cologne and the ITT, TH-Köln, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Karl Schneider, Prof. Dr. Lars Ribbe and Dr. Nadir Ahmed Elagib.


His research focused on quantifying synergies and trade-offs of water-food-climate nexus using remote sensing and geoinformatics. With his multidisciplinary background, Muhammad has engaged actively in teaching and tutoring young researchers in the field of natural resources management. He deeply believes in the power of youth in making a difference in restoring and protecting our planet. He is a leading author of the Global Environment Outlook (GEO-6) for Africa’s youth and a contributing author of the global version of the GEO-6 for youth; both are published by the UN Environment.





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