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TRABBIO research project goes GreenRio

TRABBIO – Transformation of Brazilian Biomass Residues into Manageable Materials and Energy Sources

Finally, the TRABBIO researchers could meet again – in real: the German and the Brazilian researchers could jointly participate in a test harvest on 29 August in Campos dos Goytacazes, in the east of Rio de Janeiro state. The Vice President of the sugarcane farmer organization Asflucan, Frederico Veiga, was happy to provide one of his fields for the test of the optimized sugarcane harvester. Although the weather was not ideal for that purpose – with much needed first rain after 120 days – the test together with the colleagues from the Federal Rural University Rio de Janeiro (UFRRJ) was highly successful. Next on the program was a meeting with the colleagues from Embrapa Solos, the national institute on agricultural soil research, in Rio de Janeiro to prepare a joint workshop at the Green Rio 2022 in Rio de Janeiro. This conference took place from the 1st to the 3rd of September and focused on bioeconomy, and particularly highlights German-Brazilian cooperation in this field. The well-attended workshop took place on the first exhibition day and allowed visitors to discuss with a joint German-Brazilian expert panel how challenges could be addressed best with bioeconomical solutions in the future. Over the three exhibition days, the TRABBIO project stand was in great demand and visited by the German delegation. After the pandemic-induced restraints on the project, TRABBIO rocks and rolls again!

The tailor-made harvester unit starting with a new row to harvest. This harvester unit has been optimized with help of the TRABBIO project partners Group Schumacher, who contributed cutting-edge technologies – in the truest sense of the word – with their highly innovative cutting systems (Photo: Tamys Luiz Fernandes).

Workshop ‘A Iniciativa TRABBIO’ at the Green Rio – panelists from left to right: Sabine Schlüter (TH Köln, Institute for Technology and Resources Management in the Tropics and Subtropics ITT); (Frederico Veiga, Vice President Asflucan); José Henrique Penido (President Web-Resol); Patricia Giannini (EMATER-RIO); Sílvio José Elia Galvão (Technical Director PESAGRO-RIO); Joyce Monteiro (EMBRAPA Solos); Wenceslau Geraldes Teixeira (EMBRAPA Solos); Willian Pereira (Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro, UFFRJ; Photo: Tamys Luiz Fernandes).

The German Delegation for German-Brazilian cooperation for bioeconomy visited the TRABBIO stand. From left to right (delegation members in italics): Willian Pereira, UFFRJ; Tilman Schachtsiek, representing the German Ministry of Agriculture BMEL; representative of the German consulate; Claudia Raedig (TH Köln, ITT), Frank Rögener (TH Köln, Institute of Chemical Process Engineering and Plant Design), Andreas Sauter (TU Clausthal, CUTEC Institute); Carl-Friedrich Gaese (TH Köln, ITT); Florian Bittner (representative of the Julius Kühn-Institut); Tamys Luiz Fernandes (UFRRJ).

Walkthrough Green Rio on 1st September 2022:

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