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Save the Date WSCC 2021

**01-03 March 2021**

Water Security and Climate Change Conference 2021 is coming to Hanoi!

We are pleased to announce that the renowned society of water experts will come together once more for the fifth international Water Security and Climate Change conference. Academics and practitioners from various sectors are set to discuss the diverse facets of water security in dynamic environments and its relation to climate variability and change.

Achieving water security is one of the major challenges faced by society on both a global and local level today. Building bridges between disciplines, sectors and different groups of stakeholders, the conference will serve as a platform for discussions by providing a stimulating environment with the intention to yield innovative ideas and grounds for implementation.

The WSCC is an initiative of the ‘Higher Education Excellence in Development Cooperation – exceed’ program, and has been implemented since 2016 under the auspices of the Centers for Natural Resources and Development (CNRD) and the Sustainable Water Management in Developing Countries (SWINDON) network. The scientific committee includes the Food Security Center (FSC) as well as the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT).

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