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Workshop outlines a new global course on Sustainable Agricultural Land Management to combat desertification

Workshop Participants

Trigger Change! Innovative Agriculture Solutions for Land Restoration – A Global Course

The ITT at the Faculty of Spatial Development and Infrastructure Systems (TH Köln), in cooperation with Untited Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), hosted a week-long, intense workshop from June 5th to June 8th, 2023 which produced the outline of a new global course on Sustainable Agricultural Land Management to combat desertification.

This initiative is part of the UNCCD’s ongoing Global Land Initiative. With the participation of 20 academics from around the world, the workshop defined the outline and contents of the module, which will be delivered to Bachelor’s and Master’s level students as vehicles for land restoration.  It will contribute to a new generation of innovators in sustainable agriculture for land restoration.

The outcome of the blueprinting workshop includes the course outline, which covers the following modules:

  1. Introduction to Agriculture for Sustainable Land Management
  2. Agricultural Approaches to Sustainable Land Management
  3. Tools and Technologies for LD and SLM Assessment and Monitoring
  4. The Social and Economic Value of Restoration
  5. Catalysts for Innovation (in Start-ups)

Each module will be supported by case studies which will be a crucial element to enhance and make tangible the respective content. The course is expected to be available for the global audience in the first quarter of 2024. 

Impressions from the Workshop

Semester Schedule

Module Handbook

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