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Theory U / SPT Weekend-Workshop: Introduction to Social Presencing Theater (SPT): The art of making a true move

23-25 June 2023, Lindlar | Register until 15 June | few spots left | Funded by DAAD

Dear students and alumni

we kindly invite you to join the upcoming workshop, were we introduce you to a powerful method from Theory U: “The Social Presencing Theater. Discover your Source of Embodied Leadership”. It allows you to learn more about yourself, your current leadership challenge, and the systems in which you work.

Besides working together on the announced topic, you will have the chance to connect in a more personal way with ITT students. For more information please check the UGOITT website and the description below.

Please register until Thursday, 15.06.2023: REGISTRATION

We have few spots left. Accommodation for the workshop is funded by DAAD and therefore free of charge. The meals will be prepared in a self-organized way, where all participants get shifts in the kitchen with rotating tasks. Since the guest house is a yoga retreat center, we have to follow some house rules such as: no meat and no alcohol consumption for the weekend. More organizational details will follow upon registration. When applying to the workshops, please be open to these general organizational conditions. A 10,-€ refund is necessary for your binding room reservation. We will let you know, when to pay, after your first registration.

If you have questions, please turn to Ricarda Bruder.

Location: FindHof, An der Sülz 61, 51789 Lindlar

You can reach the guesthouse by public transportation. Participants will get detailed direction instructions.

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