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Future through Capacity Development

Worldwide, there is a growing demand on education and science to address present and future challenges in the management of our natural resources. Against the background of climate variability and rapid economic and population growth, sound knowledge and understanding of the pressures exerted by social and economic development on the environment are of great value. Such knowledge will ultimately help launch measures to counteract the depletion of natural resources.

Continuing education in line with lifelong learning plays a key role in closing the gap between the academic education and the constantly changing demands experts and decision makers face in their day to day business.

The ITT recognizes the importance of capacity building in the fields of natural resources management (especially in countries of the Tropics and Subtropics) and has effective offers for continuing education. Latest results from our international research projects are used in our training courses in order to offer state of the art knowledge. Thus, we create synergies between the scientific education in our graduate and postgraduate programmes, the research projects and our training courses.

The capacity training courses at the ITT are directed to:

  • Professionals from different disciplines active in the management of natural resources
  • Decision makers and middle management from regional or national authorities
  • Executive, technical and administrative personnel
  • Experts working in the field of development cooperation

Due to the complexity of river basin and related research and management questions, obviously, we cannot cover all relevant aspects. Therefore we depend upon and we highly esteem cooperation with partners within our university and within the ITT, within Germany or abroad – from research, the private or public sector.

Research partner

  • FSU, GHM Wolfgang Flügel (more)
  • RUB, Harro Stolpe (more)
  • KIT (IMK-IFU) Harald Kunstmann, Patrick Laux
  • Frauenhofer IOSB – AST (more)
  • VAWR, Phong Nguyen (more)
  • PUCV, Escuela de Agronomia Eduardo Salgado (more)
  • ULS, Facultad de Agronomia, Pablo Alvarez
  • UFF, Guilherme Borges Fernandez, Laboratorio de Geologia Fisica (LAGEF) (more)
  • UASLP, Antonio Cardona, Catalina Alfaro Torres, Antonio Reyes
  • ASU, Ali Bahrawi
  • JU Manar Fayyad
  • UGM, Junun Sartohadi

Private sector partner

  • Ribeka Water /Resources Information Systems /Erich Berger (more)
  • Seba Hydrometry / Water Resources Measurements and Monitoring /Wolfgang Zasche (more)
  • DHI-WASY/ Water Resources Modeling /Ralf Engels, Matthias Pätsch (more)

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