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International Alumni Seminar 2020


** Please submit your application documents latest by 22 January 2020 **

Seminar Aims

Improving access to modern forms of energy for the poorest sections of the population is of paramount relevance to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In particular, SDG 7, SDG 5 and SDG 3 deal thematically with sustainable energy supply. Despite significant progress in global electrification in recent years, over a billion people still have no access to electricity. There is an urgent need for a sustainable economy that guarantees the basic standard of living and development potential of the people in these countries.

Among the global population without access to the electricity, majority of them living today in the countries in Sub Saharan Africa and South Asia. As well known, the countries in the region are gifted with the huge potential of solar energy. Despite the technological development and drastic cost reduction in the solar PV sector, the PV sector did not grow that much over the past years in global arena. Lack of appropriate larger storage plants/plans for grid integration as well as the lack of appropriate market policy make this problem complex. Among other, these are the issues we will discuss during the summer school and trade fair visit.

The overall objective of this training seminar is to provide skills for planning sustainable energy supply and implementing technologies (with a focus on solar technologies). On the background of urgent needs for a transformation of the energy sector globally, capacity building in the field of renewable energies is highly required. This seminar will provide the alumni with insights about technologies, which are important to the future energy supply of their country and furthermore will equip them with contacts to German institutions and companies for future development or research projects.

The seminar consists of field excursions (e.g. to renewable energy industries, research institutions and service companies in Germany), laboratory visits and input lectures by experts from and beyond TH Köln. The participants will be actively involved in discussions of the contents of this summer school.

The proposed activities are aiming to:

  • Demonstrate solution examples and new technologies in Germany applicable to their home countries context
  • Expand the alumni network to the current students, especially to international, Germany-based companies in the energy sector, in specific in solar energy
  • Discuss and work out potential research topics during the seminar and explore future possibilities in project funding

More Information

Download the PDF here with regard to the following issues:

• Tentative Program
• Eligibility criteria for participation
• Cost coverage
• Application procedure

In order to register you have to submit a filled application form.
(Please also see the whole Application procedure in the PDF.)

Application & Contact

Please send all documents compiled to a single PDF via Mail.


For further questions, please contact Prof. Ramchandra Bhandari or Jörn Trappe via Mail.


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