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ITT 40 years anniversary

With around 200 guests the ITT celebrated its 40th anniversary on Thursday, 11.10.2018 in the TH Köln Aula at Campus Südstadt. 

Opened by Lars Ribbe (Director of the ITT) and Stefan Herzig (President of TH Köln), the program led through the past 40 years of our institute. A contribution by Joachim Metzner (Former President of the TH Köln and long-time ITT companion), illustrated the uniqueness of the ITT, highlighting the milestones since 1978 and emphasizing the special role of Hartmut Gaese, the former director of the ITT. In addition, this special occasion was used to announce the honoring if Hartmut Gaese for his great contributions to the ITT in particular and interdisciplinary research and education in general, as the first winner of the Science for Sustainability Award.

Followed by a blend of anecdotes and best practice examples of applied science, international cooperations and interdisciplinary approaches, which is lived at the ITT, in particular, the long-standing partnerships and intensive cooperations within the joint study programs with the German Jordanian University (Jordan), the Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí (Mexico) and the Vietnam Academy for Water Resources (Vietnam) were honored. The ceremony ended in lively and familial get together, joined by our guests from more than 40 countries

ITT would like to thank everyone for joining the celebrations, making it a very special afternoon and evening for the Institute. A special thanks to our contributors on stage for sharing your wishes and stories about the ITT and our supporters (TH Köln, Förderverein der Freund und Förderer der Technischen Hoschule Köln e.V., VDI Kölner Bezirksverein e.V., Verein der Freunde und Förderer des ITT) for making the event possible.

All pictures taken by Heike Fischer

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