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ITT Thematic Seminars – Research Dialogues

The ITT Thematic Seminars (TS) and Research Dialogues (RD) are two educational offers of the Institute for Technology and Resources Management in the Tropics and Subtropics (ITT) at the Cologne University for Applied Sciences:

ITT Thematic Seminars

The ITT Thematic Seminars constitute a regular platform that intend to offer current ITT students an added-value to complement or expand the regular curriculum. It promotes thematic cooperation and partnerships between the ITT and adjacent institutions and firms.

The ITT Thematic Seminars aim at:
– Improving students’ practical knowledge – Bringing students closer to job market themes, institutions, and demands – Initiating partnerships and cooperation – Participating in current discussions on natural resources

Layout: The ITT Thematic Seminars are an integral part of each academic semester of the ITT students. The teaching staff, particularly the professors of the ITT, are involved in delivering contents and taking patronage of the Seminars. The ITT Thematic Seminars are disseminated in a way to involve remote guests and learners from public. At least once every year, the ITT Thematic Seminars will seek partnerships with adjacent institutions and firms setting up a Lecture Series.

Organisation: The scientific organisation of the ITT Thematic Seminars is dynamic and alternately involves suggestions from professors and teaching staff regarding general themes and guests for each semester. The implementation of each concept for a Thematic Seminar is carried out on a semester-basis and implies the participation of partners and guests.

ITT Research Dialogues

The ITT Research Dialogues constitute a regular platform that intend to enhance scientific communication among researchers at the ITT with the participation of current (doctoral) students. It promotes interdisciplinary exchange on ongoing research projects and helps the initiation of new cooperative research ventures.

The ITT Research Dialogues aim at:

– Boosting research of the ITT through interdisciplinary exchange of solutions and research ideas – Encouraging participation in Research – Creating a content-driven vocal point of research within the ITT – Involving doctoral and other students in the current research agenda of the ITT

Layout: The ITT Research Dialogues are oriented towards research-involved as well as research-interested staff. The different research groups at the ITT are primarily responsible for making use of the Research Dialogues platform. Doctoral students of the ITT are particularly welcome to participate and will be involved in the organisation of the Dialogues. The ITT Research Dialogues will be highlighted in the schedule of each academic semester and will provide the opportunity and time for students to participate.

Organisation: The scientific organisation of the ITT Research Dialogues is participatory in the sense that different research groups and staff memebers submit their Dialogue Topics in advance and on demand. The coordination of dates and sequence is commonly taken by the research coordination working together with the representatives of the doctoral students.

Contact Mohammad Al-Saidi or Rui Pedroso

Please click here to view the current program for the winter term 2012/2013.

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