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How to Apply

Please fill out the APPLICATION FORM and  UPLOAD THE APPLICATION FORM HERE until 31. July 2021

Any submission after the deadline or incomplete submissions will not be considered. The same applies to submissions, which significantly exceed the maximum words.

The Application form is structured as follows:

  1. Short profile / CV (maximum 100 words)
  2. Business idea* (Max. 600 words)
    • Problem statement
    • Solution (if applicable)
    • In case your business idea is a German and Egyptian cooperation, please indicate whether you already identified respective partners abroad
  3. Personal motivation (maximum 200 words)


* We do not expect a perfectly elaborated business concept, a short sketch or outline of your business idea is acceptable. You can also submit the business idea in cooperation with a fellow student (Max.3-4).  
You are welcome to participate as interested party also without your own proposal, but applicants with a resources-based business innovation will be selected preferably.
In the case that you do not submit a business proposal it is required that you elaborate on your topical interest. 


Who can Apply?

The summer course is open to enrolled students and PhD of Ain Shams University and TH Köln with the following background:

  • Engineering students in need of more business knowledge

MSc-level environmental engineering students or natural scientists with a similar thematic focus: It is assumed that these students have a basic awareness of water and waste related service delivery and technologies. Ideally they have completed WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) related courses.

  • Business students interested in opportunities in the waste and sanitation sectors

MBA and MSc-level business students: It is assumed that these students have knowledge in entrepreneurship, social innovation, product design, and some background information on financing, managing and marketing new ventures.

  • Resources Management students in need of skills towards entrepreneurship

The course targets MSc-level students in interdisciplinary programs. It is assumed that these students have knowledge in natural resources, material flow, as well as background information on resources markets and economics.

  • PhD students of related fields

All students are also expected to have an interest in circular economy and development cooperation. This offer is ideal for students who wish to expand their knowledge in business for energy, nutrients and water recovery. It gives students insight into waste to resources streams, financially viable RRR business models, important aspects of the business environment, and market positioning of RRR business models.


After the Application

Complete application forms received by the deadline will receive full and equal consideration. The number of participants is limited to 30.

Accepted participants will be notified by 21. August 2021.

We are looking forward to receiving your application!





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