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Overview and technical requirements for online training


17. – 25. September 2021


Online via Zoom


The Summer School targets MSc-level environmental or sanitary engineering students or natural scientists with a similar thematic focus and MBA- and MSc-level business students and PhD of Ain Shams University and TH Köln


The summer school “Resource Recovery and Reuse (RRR) Entrepreneurship” is focusing on business models and opportunities for resource recovery and reuse across the waste and sanitation sectors


The course will be held in English


It is required that students of environmental or sanitary engineering have a basic awareness of water and waste related service delivery and technologies. It is required that business students have knowledge in entrepreneurship, social innovation and product design, as well as background information on financing, managing and marketing new ventures.

English proficiency is required. All students are expected to have an interest in circular economy and development cooperation. A sketched business idea is not mandatory but applicants with a resources-based business innovation will be selected preferably.


DAAD covers the costs of the Summer school

How to apply

The candidates must upload the application form until 31. July 2021
Upload the application form here

Key Dates

Application period: 31. May – 31. July 2021

Notification of acceptance: 21. August 2021


Technical requirements for online training

To make sure your online training goes smoothly, you will need the following:

  • Computer & internet: you will need regular access to a computer (desktop or laptop) with an internet connection. High-speed wired connection is highly recommended for the optimal learning experience. Many wireless internet connections are also sufficient, though connectivity may fluctuate during the live event. While tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices may allow for some completion of coursework, they are not guaranteed to work in all areas. Please ensure you have a computer available to complete coursework. Before participating, you are required to make necessary preparations like checking your devices, restarting or rebooting, shutting down all other applications like email, etc. to optimize the available internet speed.
  • Mic, webcam & audio: built-in or standalone microphone and webcam (to contribute audio and video) and computer speakers, headphones, or earbuds that are compatible with your computer

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