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Questions and Answers

Frequently asked questions regarding the application procedure

1.     Application requirements: Ready to apply?

I have a university degree. Am I eligible?
You are formally eligible for a MSc program at ITT if you hold a Ba/BSc in the field of engineering, natural sciences, geography, architecture or environmental sciences with a clear relation to the master program.  Applicants from other study backgrounds have to show a strong relation to the desired field of study through work experience, internships etc.  The selection board reserves the right to decide individually on applications from other study backgrounds. If you do not have any experience in the desired study field, it is not very likely, that your application will be successful.

Can I be admitted to the Master Program at ITT?
Requirements for application for the MSc. Programs at ITT are:

–          BA/BSc (equivalent to a German bachelor) (with individual grades: certified copies of academic certificates; certified copy of School Leaving Certificate)
–          English proficiency (e.g. TOEFL 550; IELTS 6.0)
–          Motivation letter (1 page, English)
–          Curriculum vitae
–          Project idea for master thesis (2 pages, English)

Additional Requirements for applications to a DAAD scholarship are:

–          citizen of a DAC-country
–          2 recommendation letters from your university
–          1-2 recommendations from your employer
–          2 years of professional experience
–          recommended: German language proof of at least beginner’s level (A1)

Is the admission centrally restricted by a certain Grade Point Average (GPA)?
Yes, the GPA for studying at ITT is 3.0 (German grading system). Additionally the application will be evaluated on a competitive basis by the selection board.

The result of my bachelor study will be out only in the next months. Can I apply and present the final result later?
No. your application needs to be complete, otherwise it will not be considered.

DAAD asks for an academic degree not more than 6 years prior to application. I was graduated before 7 years. Is it still possible for me to apply?
This is a condition DAAD likes to see fulfilled. Other applicants might be preferred. Yet, in case your application is very outstanding and convincing, it is possible that you get offered a scholarship. You decide whether you want to try to apply or not.

2. Content of your application: required documents.

What is the school-leaving certificate and where can I check if it is meeting the German university admission requirements?
The school-leaving certificate is the final diploma you got after finishing school, which is showing the grades of your last year in school and usually allows you to study at University. To find out wether your school-leaving certificate meets the German university admission requirements, please consult the following webpages: and

Do I need an English language proficiency, if my Bachelor or Master study was fully taught in English?
Yes, you need an English proficiency proof of an internationally recognized test like e.g. TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge Exam, CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). In case you are a citizen of a country with English as official language you should prove that the language of instruction at school and university was English (exemption: USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand).

Do I need a German language proficiency?
No, German language proficiency is not required for the application since the study program is conducted in English. But it is strongly recommended to have basic knowledge of German (A2) so you are able to manage bureaucracy and to participate in university and community life.

Can I apply and send my IELTS score later?
Scholarship application: The English proficiency test should be send the latest by application deadline (September 30th of the previous year).
Self-paying candidates: The English proficiency test has to be handed in by the application deadline of UNI-assist.

Can you check my application documents before applying?
No, we cannot do so.

3. Application process: administrative conditions.

When does the application period start? When will UNI-assist be open?
Applications at ITT are possible only for winter term. The application process starts each year in Febuary/March (please see exact date on the respective websites:; ;
UNI-assist gives a feedback on the eligibility of your application 4 weeks after applying; TH Köln gives a feedback on final admission results around May/June for foreign applicants and in June for German applicants. In case you need to speed up the application process, because you need more time for visa application you can contact us. In individual, urgent cases we might be able to help you in this matter.

When is begin of studies?
The classes will start in the mid of September. For foreign students we suggest to arrive some days before to arrange individual administrative issues.

What is the next application deadline for DAAD scholarship applications?
DAAD application for NRM/IWRM/REM: September 30th, one year prior to begin of studies.
DAAD application for IWRM MENA: September 30th, one year prior to begin of studies.
DAAD application for ENREM program: Febuary 28th, (begin of studies in San Luís Potosí: August 1st).

Do I have to apply online and with PDF documents or also with hard copies?
German students: You apply via TH Köln online portal ( After registration you will be asked to send your application as a hard copy to the university.

International students: You apply first via Uni Assist (, After registration you will be asked to send your application as a hard copy to Uni Assist.They will forward your application to TH Köln when everything is correct. In this case TH Köln will informs you. You will receive login data for the university online portal ( and you will be able to check yourself the current status of your application.

Applicants from DAC-countries applying for a DAAD scholarship: You apply by sending your hard copy to the following address:

TH Köln (University of Applied Sciences)
Institute for Technology and Resources Management (ITT)
Ute Hecke
Betzdorfer Straße 2
50679 Köln

If you want to apply for IWRM Mena , you send your application as a one-PDF-file via Email to info-iwrm[at]

How expensive is an UNI-assist application?
Depending on your home country it costs between 55 and 75 euros for one or the first of several applications.

When will I be informed about results of the selection process?
The selection process of the DAAD scholarship holders is usually finished until February for the Intake in winter of the same year.
The selection process for self-paying candidates is usually finished latest at mid of June for the Intake in winter of the same year.
Please wait until you will be contacted by TH Köln about the results of the selection process; we cannot offer any individual information before this process is finished.

4. Additional Information: Studying at TH Köln

How much are the living costs in Germany and are there tuition fee?
Usually the living costs including rent, electricity and water is around 600 Euros per month, but it depends on the individual lifestyle. There are no tuition fees in Germany, but you have to pay for the semester ticket around 250 euros every 6 month, which allows you to use public transport in Cologne and some trains in the region of NRW.

Is it possible to attend a German language course at TH Köln?

There are different possibilities to attend a German language course either at TH Köln or in public or private language institutes around Cologne, e.g. VHS:

Can you provide me further information?

Most information you will find on our website. Take your time to navigate through the different levels. If you have further questions we can assist you via email, telephone or personally. Please send an email to the respective MSc program:


If you are an exchange student at ITT, you’ll find useful information in the guide “Your First Steps as an Exchange Student at TH Köln – University of Applied Sciences“.


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