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Renewable Energy Systems

Prof. Dr. Ramchandra Bhandari

Energy is one of the basic inputs for all economic activities. According to IEA, about one third of the world’s population does not have access to electricity supply. Although access to electricity is not an end in itself, it is an essential tool to facilitate social and economic activity. Electrification correlates closely with key aspects of sustainable development. The need for a sustainable energy supply is becoming more important in light of declining fossil energy resources, environmental pollution and climate change. Use of renewable energy resources could meet these needs – both in developed and developing countries.
In order to contribute to the renewable energy promotion in countries, especially the developing countries in tropics and subtropics, a holistic system based approach of renewable energy use that includes all technical, economic, environmental and social aspects is the core of this research chair at ITT. Also the interaction with other fields, especially water-energy and energy-food, is addressed.

The following points summarize the activities under this chair:

  • Modelling and simulation of energy systems (developing scenarios considering energy economics and energy policy instruments)
  • Decentralized energy supply systems (focus rural electrification)
  • Sustainability assessment of renewable energy systems (indicators based)
  • Environmental life cycle assessment
  • Renewable energy policy
  • Socio-economic issues of energy use in developing countries

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