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Research topics MSc theses

Prof. Dr. Jackson Roehrig

Your master thesis depends among others on topic, region and supervision. I limit my supervision to topics related to my academic or professional experience, or those I intend to initiate. These include:

  • Integrated Water  Resources Management
  • Hydrology: water availability, spatial and temporal distribution, modelling
  • Water system analysis: system modelling
  • Environmental monitoring, specially technical aspects
  • Groundwater
  • Flood and drought management
  • GIS

We are currently developing low cost and robust automatic monitoring systems including telemetry. The core of these systems is the process controlling software, but also sensors and the information system are essential. Our development can be applied anywhere, I am currently applying it both in Germany and in Mozambique. So we are looking for students with technical skills including programming, or those willing to learn it. A very important topic for our stations is decentralized energy supply, system energy demand reduction and avoiding thievery and vandalism.

Another topic I am intensively involved is flood management, from flood detection to dissemination to stakeholders, including institutional arrangements, adapting to climate change and forecasting, etc.

I am also member of the technical committee for GIS of the German Water Association. The topics there are object catalogues for water resources management, geodata-infrastructure, EU-INSPIRE, etc., also quite technical but very modern and research demanding.

With respect to the research region, I am interested on master thesis in any country, including Germany where I have some projects. I work currently more intensively in some countries like Mozambique, but this must not be related to your thesis.

For further information do not hesitate to contact me either per email ( or in my office.


1. Integrated Water Resources Management

  • River basin management system (water governance): Strategic Environmental Analysis (SEA), analysis and development of Policies, Programs and Projects (PPP);  institutional arrangements; river committees and agencies, economic instruments, capacity building
  • Water sector analysis and trans-sectoral analysis: water multi-use systems, water allocation under scarcity, water and food production; water and energy; water and ecosystem  services
  • Watershed analysis; analysis of drivers, pressures, states, impacts and responses (DPSIR); State of Environment analysis (SoE)
  • Impacts of land use on water availability,  water  quality, aquifer recharge, erosion and sediment transport
  • Monitoring and information management;  GIS, remote sensing and, water information systems, river basin information systems;  water quality and quantity monitoring systems (hydrometry); telemetry
  • Development of river basin master plans; prioritization of measures, economic instruments
  • River revitalization, river development

2. Water System Analysis

  • Development of Decision Support Systems (DSS) and tool development for system analysis of:
      • Drivers, Pressures, States, Impacts and Responses (DPSIR)
      • Multicriteria Decision Making (MCDM)
      • Optimization e.g. in cases of water scarcity and multi use systems
      • Information systems
      • Prioritization of measures for river basin management
  • Modeling and system analysis
      • Water budget, water availability: hydrological modeling, rainfall-runoff modeling;
      • Groundwater flow and transport
      • Flood modeling
      • Drought modeling
      • Sediment transport
      • Water quality modeling
  • Environmental Observation and Monitoring
      • Hydroclimatologic observation, telemetry
      • Information systems (GIS) and information dissemination

3. Disaster Management (Flood and Drought)

  • Institutional and operational framework
  • Detection, forecasting, warning
  • Dissemination and after disaster measures

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