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Water Supply and Sewage Technology

Prof. Dr. Michael Sturm

The chair is concerned with teaching and research in the fields of suitable water supply and sewage technologies for developing countries.

Safe drinking water supply and adequate sanitation infrastructures are essential for developing countries. It is estimated that worldwide more than 1 billion people lack access to safe drinking water and 2.6 billion people lack even a simple ‘improved’ latrine. (World Health Organization, WHO). This situation has called for international concerted actions like the “International Decade for Action: Water for Life” and the “Millennium Development Goal (MDG)” to reduce by half the proportion of the world’s population without sustainable access to safe drinking water and sanitation until 2015.

Prof. Dr. Michael Sturm´s research focus and expertise is related to the field of Water Supply and Wastewater Engineering in the Tropics and Subtropics covering topics like:

  •   Slow sand filtration
  •   Arsenic removal
  •   Design and optimization of water distribution systems
  •   Reduction of water losses
  •   Decentralized wastewater treatment, especially constructed wetlands

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