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Professor Emeriti

Prof. Dr. Hartmut Gaese

My scientific approach is principally interdisciplinary: In order to understand the complexity of landuse systems, we have to understand the key factors which the farmer consider for their decisions – such as availability of the production factors, resources in general and production risk. Farmer´s decisions are always related to a location and its specific conditions. Farmers (landusers) have to optimize the complex network consisting of technical, natural, economic and social factors. When single factors within this complex system change, the whole system has to be changed accordingly in order to achieve a situation of equilibrium. This requires changes of farmer´s behaviour. Example: If labour cost increases in a system – irrigated agricultural production, labour will be substituted by technology. If  water scarcity is causing a higher  socially optimal long-rung marginal price of water, water saving technologies must be applied. Research of landuse systems has to find out how to produce enough with always higher efficiency to maintain or achieve “equillibrium” of resources use.  Last but not least, we will have to understand what happens in the scale of landscape – as  result of the acting humans. If we are able to understand and quantify such interactions, we will finally  be able to elaborate suitable “decision support systems” for resource use.

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Friedrich Wilhelm Grimme

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