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Web based River Basin Information system to support drought management in Northern-Central Chile

2012-2014, BMBF

Head of project: Prof. Dr. Lars Ribbe
Coordinator: Alexandra Nauditt

Consortium partners: CEAZA, Universidad de la Serena, Department of Geoinformatics of University of Jena, DGA

The socio-economy of the Vth and the IVth Region in Northern Central Chile has been strongly under pressure due to an extreme long term drought between 2008 and 2013. The management of water resources in these drought disaster affected regions – as declared by the Chilean government – turns out to be a major challenge aggravated by a lack of collaboration between water related institutions. The severe meteorological drought here turns out to be an agricultural drought which requires a sound water allocation management based on a transparent hydro-meteorological and geo data availability.

The project addresses water availability and its management in two severely affected provinces – the Limarí (IVth region) and the Petorca (Vth region). All available data are stored in a Limarí RBIS (River Basin Information System by the Department for Geoinformatics of the University of Jena) and provided to all public and private stakeholders.

A thorough data analysis will allow the determination of key long term drought indicators including meteorological and hydrological indicators, reservoir levels, snow cover processes as well as land use and demand criteria. Site appropriate indices will be developed to serve as future early warning tools.

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