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Development of innovative solutions for water- and energy-efficient irrigation technologies in micro precision farming for SME (small scale farms), specifically in arid regions

2010 – 2013 BMBF collaborative project

Project leader: Prof. Dr. Sabine Schlüter

Irrigated cultivation is an essential factor of food security in arid regions. Urban and industrial growth in many development countries increases the demand for water and faces agriculture with huge problems, especially in regions where water scarcity already poses the main reason for a stagnating economic growth. This can be countervailed through an efficient and sustainable usage of water in agriculture. The emphasis of research in this project is the design and testing of low-pressure irrigation systems as an option to conventional pressure systems that often have problems with the diversification of water. Water- and energy-efficient irrigation solutions should be developed for homogeneous itemized micro-areas that can be controlled individually through innovative and competitive sensor systems.

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