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The Water, Energy and Food Security Nexus

Since 2013 in collaboration with the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia

A collaborative project with members from the ITT, Institute for Engineering in Agriculture Machinery and Renewable Energies (LTRE), Institute of Global Business and Society (GLOBUS), Institute for Electrical Energy Technology (IET)

In order to understand the interlinked problems in the Nexus (Latin = connection, linkage, interrelation) of water, energy and food security, close cooperation between scientists and practitioners from different fields is necessary. The present and future challenge of a reliable supply with water, energy and food is an example, where isolated considerations do not lead to viable solutions. Sustainable action and meaningful research in these highly interconnected fields require a holistic and comprehensive perspective and a new approach.

In this sense, a collaborative research structure with a holistic view on the Nexus of Water, Energy and Food security was established in 2013 at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences. The project bundles some of the research efforts of 11 professors from different faculties and institutes. The researchers jointly work on initiating new cooperation projects with partners from industry, academia and civil society. Together they aim at exploring new technologies and applying new approaches to solve major issues of efficiency and sustainability in resource use.

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