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Doctoral Program on Natural Resources and Development

The Doctoral Program on Natural Resources and Development (DNRD) is the semi-structured doctoral program of the Institute for Resources Management in the Tropics and Subtropics (ITT) supported by the international university network “Centers for Natural Resources and Development” (CNRD).The program is concerned with the major challenges of today’s societies: The efficient use of natural resources on a planet under growing pressure. The doctoral program is inspired by the UN Millennium Development goals and the evolving post-2015 agenda which serve as a reference for the program design and research portfolio. The research is solution-oriented and currently focusses on:

  • coping with climate change, variability and environmental risks
  • improving resource use Efficiency
  • maintaining ecosystem functions and services

With a worldwide network of partner universities, CNRD plays a central role as it offers guidance through leading experts and field research support of doctoral students. The doctoral research is typically embedded into multilateral and interdisciplinary research projects developed together with CNRD and other partners. The network also developed a research data infrastructure. This structure provides PhD students access to documented case studies from around the world and offers a wide range of data sharing possibilities. The DNRD program provides students the opportunity to work with leading experts of different research fields.

The program has a clear structure. It is designed for a threeyear time frame and includes supervision of research, educational, field research and exposure components. The student conducts research under the supervision of a committee while writing the PhD thesis. The educational components equip the students with helpful knowledge and skills:

  • core research disciplines
  • important skills for communicating science and
  • exposure to academic Peers
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Be part of the DNRD program

The application procedure to the ITT doctoral program depends on your PhD funding.

Own funding
If you have already a scholarship, or you have planned to study with your own funds, you may submit your application at any time delivering the required list of application documents. Under the following link you can find interesting scholarship programs, to which you can apply for financing your PhD.

Vacancies in an ITT research project
The ITT has several research projects running in countries of the Tropics and Subtropics. If you have a convincing research concept that fits one of our running projects, you can submit your application to our DNRD coordination team indicating for which project and ITT supervisor you are applying for. Please download the requested list of application documents here.


Doctoral program coordination: Dr. Rui Pedroso
Assistance: Dipl. Reg.-Wiss. Ricarda Bruder