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Exchange Opportunities

Living and learning abroad is not only professionally but also personally enriching. Language skills and intercultural competences, coupled with an independent and self-reliant way of working, make applicants with international experience sought-after employees. 

The Faculty of Spatial Development and Infrastructure Systems can draw on a widespread and international network of partners that has developed over the course of many decades at ITT. Some of our partner universities offer teaching programmes that are very similar to those of our faculty, resulting in different forms of cooperation.

These range from double degree programs (ENREM) or structured exchange programs (IWRM-MENA) with a specific regional reference to cooperation agreements that facilitate exchanges between selected universities abroad and the TH Köln.

Overview of our exchange options

The following matrix shows the exchange options that are currently supported by DAAD or EU funding. In addition, exchange options can be supported by funding programs with individual application (by the student), such as PROMOS (DAAD).

Exchange in both directions

As a student of the TH Köln you can go abroad (outgoing), or you can come to Germany to the TH Köln as a foreign student (incoming). The process is easier if your exchange takes place with one of the partner universities (see matrix above). Destinations within the framework of the existing cooperations are, for example, Jordan, Egypt, Vietnam, Mexico, Costa Rica and – for students of the partner universities there – of course Germany.

Study stays at other locations abroad are also possible, but sometimes require individual agreements between the universities and thus more personal initiative. In principle, a stay abroad is possible wherever a corresponding counterpart to your degree program is offered. Some degree programs at partner universities might have different names, but content, courses and modules are compatible with your degree program.

Outgoing – From Germany to the World

All Master’s programs at the Faculty of Spatial Development and Infrastructure Systems (IWRM, NRM, REM) have an international character and are designed to support and promote your studies abroad. You can study abroad for a semester, write your Master thesis, complete an internship or do field research. Your semester abroad is made easier if you study within the framework of our cooperation agreements (see matrix above), as here the recognition of courses can be guaranteed through the existing partnerships.

Incoming – Semester abroad at the TH Köln

As a student of a partner university of the TH Köln or the Faculty of Spatial Development and Infrastructure Systems, you can spend your semester abroad in Germany; in individual cases it is even possible to graduate from the TH Köln. A structured exchange within the framework of the ENREM or IWRM MENA options is particularly suitable for this, as are exchanges within the framework of our cooperation agreements with Egypt, Vietnam and Costa Rica (see matrix above). However, individual agreements for an exchange semester are also possible. Further information on the application procedure and scholarships can be obtained from your home university.

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