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First Semester Information

** Updated September 23, 2021 **

Please check this website regularly, as we will update general information, schedules and the FAQ’s regularly.

We look forward to welcoming you at TH Köln (University of Applied Sciences) to join our master programs in Renewable Energy Management (REM), Natural Resources Management (NRM) and Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM).

We are aware that the current Covid-19 pandemic is still challenging for all of us, on private but also on professional and academic levels. The current worldwide lockdowns and travel restrictions are influencing your individual plans as well as our organization of the master programs. We want to keep you informed about the upcoming developments in order to assure that you are able to arrange your arrival to Cologne and getting started to join our classes.


Start of Semester 2021

Upcoming Meetings
Starting from next Tuesday, September 28th we will offer several online information sessions.
Please find the overview of scheduled meetings (including date, time, topic, target group, and Zoom access link) here:
Schedule first semester information sessions

Further information
We highly recommend that you join those sessions to assure that all necessary information will be with you. We would like to encourage you to join the live sessions to know your questions and to have an interactive round.
We will provide you with short input information about various topics such as our university, the institute, the master program structure, semester schedule, course registration etc.
Futher information you find at the TH Köln international office site: Getting startet at the TH Köln
Here you will get an overview about the TH Köln online systems, how to use them and much more. We recommend the pdf’s “Getting Started” (general TH Köln overview) and “Just arrived” (for people who are new in Cologne and Germany) as well as the video tutorials on CampusID, ILIAS and PSSO.

What´s next?
After the enrollment at TH Köln you receive(d) two e-mails from our Campus IT with your login data to our PSSO system and your personal university e-mail address. Please check your spam folder as well! The sender is a no-reply-e-mail address! Follow the instructions given in order to activate your account.
Moreover, you receive(d) a letter with your MultiCa (student ID card) together with information on how to pay the semester fees.
This letter is sent to the German address you have given in the enrollment form.
 After paying the semester fees and once they have been accredited to your account, you can download the semester ticket and use the public transport system in and around Cologne for free. Please have a look at the video tutorial how to download the semester ticket.


Fixed Dates and Deadlines

  • Enrollment Deadline:
    • September 6, 2021 for international students
    • August 16, 2021 for German students
  • Start of  Introduction Sessions and Project I classes (details will follow): September 27, 2021
  • Start of all Winter Term classes: october 4, 2021
    please see detailed schedule here:
    Schedule Winter Term 2021/22



General Information

Organization Winter Term 2021/2022

TH Köln’s Executive Board has made a decision on the planning of the university and teaching operations in the winter semester 2021/2022.

Outlook for the winter semester 2021/2022 and it´s regulations at TH Köln

Where possible, the library and Campus IT will provide services under the given circumstances.


Semester Schedule

Please find the detailed semester schedule here: Schedule Winter Term 2020/21
Check the schedule regularly, changes may be done.


First Steps@TH Köln

Zoom Sessions for International First-year Students:
We highly recommend to join the Zoom sessions of the Department of International Affairs at TH Köln. They were especially created for international First-year students. The next session in English language will be held on August 30, 2021 from 2 – 4 pm German time.
Find further details here.

Studying and Living in Cologne

The Department for International Affairs prepared an overview about living in Cologne and explains several administrative procedures for upcoming (international) students.  You can find all relevant information here.


Frequently Asked Questions


The TH Köln student’s office prepared a FAQ with general questions regarding the enrollment procedure for international students. Find all information here.

Q: I have questions regarding the enrollment procedure.
A: The procedure is explained in your letter of admission and within the TH Köln Online portal. For general questions regarding the TH Köln Online portal and related processes, please see the online application platform.

Q: Under “Legal Information” I am informed that my admission is conditional, what does it mean?
A: This is a general legal chapter. It means that, in case you provided false information in order to receive admission, you will lose your admission status.  

Q: Is the enrollment deadline a fix deadline?
A: Yes, in case you do not send all your enrollment documents to TH Köln in time you will lose your admission status. The deadline is mentioned in your letter of admission.

Q: Due to Covid-19, I am not sure if I will join the master program in winter term 2021/22. Is it possible to postpone my admission to next year?
A: No, this is not possible. In case you do not enroll this winter term, you will lose your admission status. In case you want to join the master program in winter term 2022/23 you have to apply again. A guarantee for admission in winter term 2022/23 is not guaranteed.

Q: In case I proceed the enrollment but may not be able to come to Germany now, can I join in summer term 2022 or in winter term 2022/23?
A: This is possible as long as you pay your semester fees for winter term 2021/22, summer term 2022 and winter term 2022/23 to stay registered at TH Köln.

Q: Do I need to show a German health insurance to get enrolled at TH Köln?
A: Yes, this is a mandatory document. The Department for International Affairs prepared some further information for international students here.

Q: I need to give an address in Germany, can I also give an address outside Germany?
A: No, this is not possible. You need to show a German address; in case you are not in Germany, you can give an address of a friend / family member. It is important that this is a reliable address, as TH Köln will send you several important letters including your student-id card. TH Köln will send no letters outside Germany

Q: Can I ask someone else to proceed the enrollment in my name?
A: This is possible. In this case, you need to fill and personally sign a specific authorization form, which allows someone else to proceed the enrollment for you. All relevant forms are available here.  


Arrival to Germany

Q: When should I arrive in Cologne?
A: We recommend to come to Cologne by mid of September, in order to proceed general administration steps within the city hall, the office for foreign affairs, the KSTW, etc. The master program will start with some general introduction sessions on September 27, 2021. Lectures will start on October 4, 2021.

Q: The German embassy in my country is closed and/or due to Covid-19 the visa processing takes a long time. Can I join also after October 4, 2021?
A: Yes, we are aware that especially foreign students will face huge challenges in order to receive their visa in time. This year we will accept late arrivals in order to allow you to join our master program. There will be no fixed deadline until when you are asked to be in Cologne.

Q: The German embassy in my home country required a letter from TH Köln to confirm a late arrival in Germany. Who can prepare such a letter?
A: We are aware of such letters and will prepare them after request. In case you need a supporting letter for the German embassy, please send an e-mail to the master program Info-Mail: info-iwrm(at) or info-nrm(at) or info-rem(at)

Q: For entering Germany I need a confirmation from Germany that classes will be offered in presence and that I need to attend in person. Do I still need to hand that in?
A: The German Federal Ministry of the Interior has announced, that entering Germany for completing a university course of study or for individual semesters of study is possible again:
“Students are required to present an admission notice issued by the institution of higher education. Because institutions of higher education are offering both online and in-person instruction, it is not necessary to provide any separate documentation of the need to attend in person.” (German Federal Ministry, Coronavirus, FAQ)
Therefore, the preparation of a corresponding letter is no longer necessary. In case your embassy/consulate requests this document for visa issuance, please forward a proof of this request.

Q: How can I find accommodation in Cologne?
Cologne is a city with thousands of students, therefore the accommodation market for single apartments and places in student dorms are is very contested. Please start searching for a place from now on. We do recommend that you register asap with the KSTW to apply for a room in a shared apartment. Further information is given here

Q: I would like to discuss my semester schedule and my individual plan with the university, whom can I contact?
Please join our information sessions for first semester students on September 27, 2021. If you have further individual questions afterwards, please sent a mail to the info mail address of your master program. We will get in contact with you.


Corona / Covid-19 situation in Cologne and in Germany

Q: How is the current situation in Germany?
The Robert Koch Institute is continuously monitoring the situation, evaluating all available information, estimating the risk for the population in Germany and providing health professionals with recommendations. Further information is available here.
The latest statistics within the city of Cologne are available here.

Q: How is TH Köln reacting?
TH Köln is announcing latest rules and updates here.



Q: How can I contact the master program organization?
Please send an e-mail to the master program you received admission.
Renewable Energy Management: info-rem(at)
Natural Resources Management and Development: info-nrm(at)
Integrated water Resources Management: info-iwrm(at)

Please specify the reason of your mail in the subject. We will try to answer you mails as soon as possible.

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