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Student Council

About us

The ITT- Fachschaft is representing the students of the Institute for Technology and Resources Management in the Tropics and Subtropics (ITT). We are a group of 8 students, democratically elected and responsible for the student’s representation towards the institute board. Our main task is to be the voice of the students and to communicate our opinions regarding lectures, module contents, schedules, exams, and professors among others in order to improve the ITT program. Our team makes decisions that seek the welfare of the student community.
Furthermore, the Student’s Council is responsible for organizing events such as international food festivals, game nights, parties, and more.
If you have any questions or problems concerning your studies and need more information, feel free to contact us at any time.

Contact Information

Technology Arts Sciences TH Köln (University of Applied Sciences)
Institute for Technology and Resources Management in the Tropics and Subtropics (ITT)
Betzdorfer Str. 2 , 50679 Cologne, Germany
Room No. ZO – 04 -11
Email: fachschaft(at)
Office Time: Send us an email and we can arrange a meeting!


1. Fabian Eickmeier
2. Leonard Hahne
3. Mahmoud Ali
4. Lili Torres
5. Havish Venkata Sai Penugonda
6. Omar Wagih
7. Obaid Ur Rehman
8. Moritz Sandhofer

Former members

1. Yamile Salame
2. Fenja Kamps
3. Silvia Krautzik
4. Mayada Eissa
5. Jakob Schmid
6. Felipe Lopez
7. Daniel Knopp
8. Lokeshwara Gollar

1. Christina Natalia Widjaja
2. Connor Lindenberg
3. Helen Scholz
4. Magdalena Peter
5. Omkar Shriram Gadhave
6. Paul Gugg
7. Quirin Luppa

1. Gabriela Wise
2. Clemens Dreyer
3. Louisa Jahn
4. Taymoor Kahn
5. Duaa Mohamed
6. Jan Sommer
7. Svenja Deck

1. Andrea Salcedo
2. Abhijit Singh Sachdeva
3. Leonie Gembler
4. Flavia Mara
5. Finn Christian Staack
6. Anna Kalashnyk

1. Leandra Roller
2. Johanna Zeller
3. Siddharth Dutta
4. Andreas Ebner
5. Greta Dekker
6. Pegah Abrari

1. Patricia Schattan
2. Surendra Pandit
3. Carolin Schnabel
4. Rebecca Maria Besser
5. Deniz Özhan
6. Martin Rodriguez Marat

1. Giomar Hidalgo
2. Pauline Fröhlich
3. Justin Wiggetth
4. David Schick
5. Hassan Al-Seaf


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