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  1.  In which format should my CV and certificates of eligibility be uploaded? 
    The documents should be uploaded in pdf format. The names should go as follows:
    For the CV, please name your files:
    For the certificates, please name your files:
    surname_certificate1.pdf; surname_certificate2.pdf

  2. Can I submit my CV in another language besides English?
    No. The official language of the Summer School is English. Please submit your CV and certificates in English.

  3. Which documents are necessary for verifying eligibility for the Summer School?
    You should provide a copy of your bachelor’s degree, a certificate of enrolment of your University Masters’ Program, or a declaration of your University. Additionally, you might provide a certificate of English proficiency.  

  4. Does the Summer School cost? 
    No. The Summer School is free of charge.

  5. What is the workload of the Summer School? 
    The Summer school has a workload of approx. 30 hours. The classes will be from 9:00 to 12:00. There will also be afternoon sessions from 14:00 to 17:00 —all in the Brasília time zone (UTC−3).

  6. Will it be provided certificates? 
    Certificates will be provided for those who attended a minimum of 70% of the activities. 

  7. Will the activities be considered as ECTS or other credit points for my study program? 
    The Summer School is an extracurricular activity with a workload of approx. 30 hours. Certificates will be provided for those who attended a minimum of 70% of the activities. Your University study program will decide whether the activities can be included as credit points for your study program.

  8. Is the Summer School program exclusively on-line? 
    Yes. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our 2020 Summer School will be held exclusively online. 

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